Flow Diagnostics Project

We are happy to announce a new development project for ResInsight named Flow Diagnostics, which will be delivered to Statoil Petroleum AS in 2017.

The main goal of this project is to implement selected functionality of the flow diagnostics module from the The Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox – MRST developed by SINTEF. Flow diagnostics capability will allow for interactive numerical flow experiments for probing a reservoir model, establish connections and basic volume estimates, and quickly provide a qualitative picture of the flow patterns in the reservoir.

In addition, plotting of curves based on data from Eclipse Summary files will be implemented.

See Roadmap for more info.

MRST project at SINTEF

ResInsight 1.4.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of ResInsight v1.4.0 which is a maintenance release.

It also serves as an alignment of the codebase with the efforts done to add Geomechanical support to ResInsight.


Have a look at the GitHub release-page to read the release-notes or to download the new release: Release v1.4.0 on GitHub