ResInsight is capable of mapping properties and simulation results onto 3D surfaces imported from GOCAD and Petrel as specified below.

Import and appearance of surfaces

3D surfaces from GOCAD and Petrel are imported into ResInsight by the menu option File->Import->Import Surfaces in the 3D Main Window.

Imported surfaces are listed under the entry in Project Tree allowing for change of name, file, and color.

Surface Results

Per default, ResInsight maps current Cell Result on a given surface. If another result is to be displayed, specify the result under Separate Surface Results as shown below.

Clicking a surface of a View in Project Tree activates the Property Editor for allowing view settings as shown below. Please note the Depth Offset capability to offset a surface in z-direction and initiate result mapping to the surface at that particular depth. To change result displayed on the surface, please specify the desired result in the Separate Result Reference section of the Property Editor.

Supported Surface Import Formats

GOCAD Surface Import

GOCAD is a computer application that allows you to import, create, modify, integrate, view, and export geological objects in 3D. The GOCAD export file format supported by ResInsight is TSURF (*.ts). A TSURF data file is a triangle based surface format containing vertex coordinates and triangle to vertex connectivities as exemplified below. ResInsight import vertex and triangle identifiers from the first TFACE section in such a file.

GOCAD TSurf 1 
NAME Default 
AXIS_NAME "X" "Y" "Z" 
AXIS_UNIT "m" "m" "m" 
VRTX 1 458177.767090 7322538.712891 1643.655884 CNXYZ 
VRTX 2 458260.834961 7322392.890625 1596.685303 CNXYZ 
VRTX 3 457985.662109 7322783.783203 1542.060059 CNXYZ 
VRTX 4 459601.453125 7322511.427734 3639.000000 CNXYZ 
VRTX 5 459422.015625 7322689.230469 3639.000000 CNXYZ 
VRTX 6 459793.410156 7322338.230469 3639.000000 CNXYZ 
TRGL 2 61 98  
TRGL 20 153 66  
TRGL 152 19 65  

Petrel Surface Import from PTL files

ResInsight is capable of importing a surface defined by a PTL (*.ptl) file from Schlumberger Petrel. A PTL data file specifies the quads of a surface by x, y, z nodal coordinates and the i and j indices as exemplified below. As seen, # denotes comment lines.

#Type: scattered data
#Version: 6
#Description: No description
#Format: free
#Field: 1 x
#Field: 2 y
#Field: 3 z meters
#Field: 4 column
#Field: 5 row
#Projection: Local Rectangular
#Units: meters
#Information from grid
#Grid_size: Not_avaiable
#Grid_space: Not_available
#Z_field: z
#Vertical_faults: Not_available
#History: No history
#Z_units: meters
443479.500000 7305390.500000 -1000.000000 1 1
443479.500000 7305488.500000 -1000.000000 1 2
443479.500000 7305586.500000 -1000.000000 1 3
443479.500000 7305684.500000 -1000.000000 1 4
443479.500000 7305782.500000 -1000.000000 1 5
443479.500000 7305880.500000 -1000.000000 1 6