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ResInsight provides powerful and flexible mechanisms for post-processing of results and automation by its scripting interfaces:

  • Python interface
  • Command line interface and Command files
  • Octave interface

Python interface

ResInsight incorporates a powerful Python interface which allows you to interact with ResInsight and load data for further processing and automation.

Command Line Interface and Command files

ResInsight supports several [command line parameters] (/scripting/commandlineinterface/) for automation via shell scripts. By gathering commands into a Command file, you may run a sequence of commands by supplying the command file as a command line parameter.

Octave Interface

By the interface to Octave you will find:

  • Octave functions that communicates with a running ResInsight session
  • Features to simplify management and editing of Octave scripts from ResInsight
  • Commands to execute scripts using Octave.