ResInsight provides powerful and flexible mechanisms for post-processing of results and automation by its scripting interfaces:

  • Command line interface and Command files
  • Python interface
  • Octave interface

Command Line Interface and Command files

ResInsight supports several command line parameters for automation via shell scripts. By gathering commands into a Command file, you may run a sequence of commands by supplying the command file as a command line parameter.

Python Interface

ResInsight offers a Python Interface which allows you to interact with a running ResInsight instance from a Python script. This allows using the powerful Python language, numerical libraries, and other support modules in conjunction with ResInsight. The Python client package is compatible with Python 3.

For examples on how to use Python, see Examples

Octave Interface

By the interface to Octave you will find:

  • Octave functions that communicates with a running ResInsight session
  • Features to simplify management and editing of Octave scripts from ResInsight
  • Commands to execute scripts using Octave.