3D Main Window

ResInsight User Interface

This is the main window of ResInsight for all 3D related functionality and visualization. As seen, the 3D Main Window has a central area and several docking windows surrounding it. The different docking windows cover the following:

  • Project Tree – contains all application objects in a tree structure.
  • Property Editor – displays all properties for selected object in the Project Tree
  • Process Monitor – displays output from Octave when executing Octave scripts
  • Result Info – displays info for the selected object in the 3D scene
  • Result Plot – displays curves based on result values for the selected cells in the 3D scene
  • Messages – displays occasional info and warnings related to operations executed.

In addition, a selected subset of actions are presented as controls in the toolbar. The following subchapters describe the functionality and visualization pertinent to the 3D Main Window.