RFT Segment Plot

RFT Segment Data can be plotted as horizontal Well Log Plots. RFT data can be imported based on a summary case or a grid case.

Create RFT Segment Plot

Open a summary case with RFT data

If WSEGLINK data is required, set the path to the file containing this data, or to the top level .DATA file.

From the right-click menu of the summary case, select Reload to make sure the data from WSEGLINK is imported.

Create Default Plot

From the right-click menu of the summary case, select Create RFT Segment Plot

Select the Well Log Plot. Adjust the data source to desired well or branch. These settings are also available from the toolbar above the plot. Useful options to adjust for a curve is color, line style and area fill.

Additional Features

If a grid and well path is present, a visualization of the well casing including completions can be created. The casing design can then be visualized in a well log track along with the curves to make it easy correlate the curves with installed equipment in the well.

Create Casing Design

Visualize Casing Design in a Well Log Plot

Create RFT Segment Plot - Step by Step

From the Project Tree in the Plot Main Window

  • Select right-click command New Well Log Plot for Well Log Plots
  • Select right-click command New Well Log RFT Curve for a Track

  • Change orientation of the Well Log Plot to Horizontal

  • If TVD depth is plotted, optionally invert the Y-axis when the track is selected

  • Add more tracks with to the same plot, and use copy/paste of a track for fast duplication. Stacking can be used when plotting curves for multiple phases

  • Data Source for curves can be modified to quickly switch between wells, dates and branch numbers

Well Log Plots