Summary Plot Template

Template creation

A summary plot template is defined by a number of curves with preset appearance and vector names. The parameters that are selected or varied by the user are:

  • case(s)
  • item(s), i.e. well(s), group(s), region(s)

Having tailored a plot setup, the user can save the setup as a template via the right-click command Save As Plot Template, c.f. figure above. It is also possible to select a summary plot in the Plot Project Tree and use the right-click menu to save a template. Both options save a template definition to file for later reuse.

Summary Plot Templates are created for all Summary Plots including ensemble plots by right-click menu option Save As Plot Template available in both the plot window and via their entries in the Plot Project Tree.

Given a new path, ResInsight will ask the user to confirm whether the path of the stored template is to be included in subsequent searches for templates.

Template usage

Having selected items of interest in the Plot Project Tree (i.e. cases, wells, groups, and regions) a template plot can be created.

Invoke the right-click menu shown below to select a specific summary plot template. Here two summary cases have been selected prior to invoking the right-click menu. As seen, available options for select a specific template are:

  • Create Plot from Last Used Summary Template is a menu option to invoke the last used summary plot template.
  • Create Plot from Template shows all available templates in a separate dialog for search and selection.

Ctrl-T is a shortcut to swiftly create a plot based on the last used summary template.

Template file search and organization

Each summary plot template is stored in a single file on disk. ResInsight searches a set of directories for template files which can be managed by menu option Edit->Preferences and the Plotting tab.