Result Color Legend

The color mapping of the displayed cell result is controlled by the Color Legend located below a result node in the Project Tree. The legend can be shown or hidden by checking or unchecking the box in front of the Legend Definition.

Legend Configuration

  • Number of levels – Defines the number of tick marks displayed next to the color legend
  • Significant digits – Defines the number of significant digits in the number formatting
  • Number format – Defines how the numbers are formatted
  • Colors – Defines the color palette
  • Mapping – This option defines how the values are mapped onto the color distribution
    • Discrete Linear – Legend divided into linear levels defined by Number of levels
    • Continuous Linear – Continuous linear legend with tick mark count defined by Number of levels
    • Continuous Logarithmic – Continuous logarithmic legend with tick mark count defined by Number of levels
    • Discrete Logarithmic – Logarithmic legend divided into levels defined by Number of levels
    • Category – Special legend with one level for each category, either integer values or formation names.
      Only available for result names ending with NUM or formation names.
  • Range type
    • All Timesteps – values for all time steps are used to find min and max value of the result values represented by the color legend.
      (Not available for Flow Diagnostics results)
    • Current Timestep – use current (one) time step to find min and max values
    • User Defined Range – user specifies numeric values for min and max

Furthermore the legend can have a semi-transparent background applied to it by selecting the *Show Box around Legends option in the Preferences dialog.

Legend Background Show Box around legends