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ResInsight is an open source, cross-platform 3D visualization, curve plotting and post processing tool for Eclipse reservoir models and simulations. It can also be configured to visualize geomechanical simulations from ABAQUS.

The system also constitutes a framework for further development and can be extended to support new data sources and visualization methods, e.g. additional solvers, seismic data, CSEM, and more.

Efficient User Interface

The user interface is tailored for efficient interpretation of reservoir simulation data with specialized visualizations of properties, faults and wells. It enables easy handling of a large number of realizations and calculation of statistics. To be highly responsive, ResInsight exploits multi-core CPUs and GPUs. Efficient plotting of well log plots and summary vectors is available through selected plotting features.

Data Support

The main input data is *.GRID and *.EGRID files along with their *.INIT and restart files *.XNNN and *.UNRST. Summary vectors can be imported from *.SMSPEC files. ResInsight also supports selected parts of Eclipse input files and can read grid information and corresponding cell property data sets from *.GRDECL files. Well log data can be imported from *.LAS files.

ResInsight can also be built with support for Geomechanical models from ABAQUS in the *.odb file format.

Updating and Refining Eclipse simulation models

ResInsight contains several pre-processing tools for updating and improving Eclipse reservoir models, including but not limited to:

  • Adding Well Path Completions such as fractures, fishbones and perforations to well paths, including transmissibility calculations to allow for simulation in Eclipse.
  • Easily and visually generate setup files for Local Grid Refinement (LGR)
  • The generation of Eclipse Multi Segment Well-models for well path completions.

Flow Diagnostics

Flow diagnostics calculations are embedded in the user interface and allows instant visualization of several well-based flow diagnostics properties, such as : Time of flight, flooding and drainage regions, well pair communication, well tracer fractions, well allocation plots and well communication lines. The calculations are performed by a library called opm-flowdiagnostics developed by SINTEF Digital. More…

Octave Integration

Integration with GNU Octave enables powerful and flexible result manipulation and computations. Derived results can be returned to ResInsight for further handling and visualization. Eventually, derived and computed properties can be directly exported to Eclipse input formats for further simulation cycles and parameter studies.

Project organization

ResInsight is developed by Ceetron Solutions in collaboration with with Equinor.

ResInsight is a part of the Open Porous Media Initiative. The software is hosted at GitHub, and the development progress can be monitored there. The GitHub issue tracker is heavily used to organize the development process.


The software is licensed under GPL 3+, see Licensing details.

Web site programming and design

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