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What's New in 2018.11

Temporary LGR

ResInsight 2018.11 is the latest version of ResInsight, the professional quality, open source 3D visualization, curve plotting and post-processing tool for Eclipse reservoir models. Version 2018.11 contains a larger number of new and exciting features, some of which are listed below.

Local Grid Refinement (LGR)

Local Grid Refinement (LGR) can be created based on Eclipse simulations. The refined grids can also be visualised in 3D.

See Completions LGR

Well Path Creation

Well Path Creation

ResInsight lets the user create new/custom well paths by clicking in the 3D view. A self-established well path will behave in the same way as a regular imported well path.

See Create Well Paths

Contour Maps

Contour Maps

ResInsight can create contour maps based on different forms of aggregation of 3D Eclipse data onto a 2D map.

See Contour Maps

Summary Plotting

Well Bore Stability Plots and Casing Design

Well Bore Stability Plots

ResInsight can create Well Bore Stability plots for Geomechanical cases. These plots are specialized Well Log Plots and contain a visualization of Formations, Well Path Attributes as well as a set of well path derived curves in two different tracks.

See Well Bore Stability Plots

Memory Management

Memory Management

ResInsight can require a considerable amount of memory to hold all the grids and necessary result variables. A Memory Management system is now in place to help the user if available memory is low.

See Memory Management