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What's New in 2019.08

ResInsight 2019.08 is the latest version of ResInsight, the professional quality, open source 3D visualization, curve plotting and post-processing tool for Eclipse reservoir models. Version 2019.08 opens up a range of new and efficient workflows by adding Python script support in ResInsight.

Python scripting

Basic example on how to update views from Python

import rips
# Connect to ResInsight instance
resInsight = rips.Instance.find()

# Check if connection worked
if resInsight is not None:
    # Get a list of all cases
    cases = resInsight.project.cases()
    for case in cases:
        # Get a list of all views
        views = case.views()
        for view in views:
            # Set some parameters for the view
            view.setShowGridBox(not view.showGridBox())
            # Update the view in ResInsight

For more information and examples, please see the ResInsight Python API.

Launch ResInsight without user interface

It is now possible to launch ResInsight as a console application with no user interface. Some workflows might include servers with no graphics card, and the console mode enables use of ResInsight in this context.

See Command Line Interface

Plotting improvements

  • Date and time can now be customized to exactly the format you prefer
  • To easily see the difference between history vectors and other vectors, the default style for history vector is symbols without lines
  • Curves in a plot will be hightlighted when left-clicking the curve

See Summary Plotting