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What's New in 2020.10.1

ResInsight 2020.10.1 is the latest version of ResInsight, the professional quality, open source 3D visualization, curve plotting and post-processing tool for reservoir models and simulations. Version 2020.04.1 is a patch update with several critical fixes.

Most important fixes

  • Using text filter to select summary curves for ensembles now works
  • Summary address selection for analysis and tornado plots can now select single address instead of always all wells
  • Fixed several visualization issues related to contour plots
  • Make sure the color legend is drawn as discrete instead of continuous
  • Recalculate required curves when summary case is replaced
  • Fixed crash when closing combined view
  • Fixed crash for color legends with less than two colors
  • 2D plots : Allow inverted y-axis when user defined min/max is active
  • Well Targets : Fixed crash when toggling target at sea level

Python API fixes

  • case.replace() created wrong model name
  • project.open() caused currently running Python script to be disconnected
  • set_grid_property() caused crash for ASCXII cases
  • Avoid crash when UNSMRY file is missing


  • Data source stepping supports aquifers
  • Import dialog : Add recently use folders
  • Import dialog : Support replace of ‘realization-n’ to ‘realization-*’
  • Import dialog : Sort file names based on numbers instead of text
  • Color Legend : Improved default settings for logarithmic variables

Release notes for 2020.10.1

Fixes since ResInsight 2020.10.1


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