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What's New in 2021.10

Ensemble Surface

To study the structural uncertainty for an ensemble of cases, ResInsight enables the user to import an Ensemble Surface and compute the statistical surfaces based on this ensemble.

Ensemble Well Log

To study the uncertainty for well log extraction curves, ResInsight enables the user to import an Ensemble Well Log and compute the statistical distribution in this ensemble.


Improved performance for grid model import from GRDECL. Improved performace for surface geometry import.

Multiselect including Undo/Redo of Operations

Multiple selection of items in ResInsight offers an entrance to powerful combinations and collective actions including Undo and Redo functionality . If the user regrets an action, for instance the color setting for multiple wells as exemplified above, the collective action can be undone by pressing Undo.

Python API

Several improvements and more examples

  • well path completion export
  • generate ensemble of well logs
  • generate ensemble of surfaces
  • modeled well path with laterals
  • create well path from well targets


Additional New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for relperm and PVT plots for dual porosity models
  • Fixed issue related to negative values in delta case contour maps
  • Color legend for water saturations (SWAT) will now have blue on top
  • Execute last script from context menu of script folder

See Release Notes on GitHub for further details and information.