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What's New in 2022.06.1


Release 2022.06.1 is mainly a bug fix release in addition to a few new features.

Window Management

The Window Management was updated allowing an easy to use and powerful management system. ResInsight stores application window visibility and location between sessions. It is also possible to store the window configuration to a file for later reuse.

Icons are added to the docking windows to make it easy to find a window.

Adjustments to Summary Plotting

Summary Plotting is updated with new features and improved workflows:

  • Settings for how to use the automation for naming of plots and axis range has been updated and is now easiser to use.
  • Several bug fixes and visual adjustments
  • Make sure font settings are applied when required
  • Make sure ordering of curve legend items is stable and identical to project tree ordering
  • Clicking on a legend item will highlight the curve

See Release Notes on GitHub for further details and information.