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What's New in 2023.03

Calculator Improvements

A calculated summary vector is now by default available for all wells, all cases and all ensembles.

[Summary Calculator] [Calculator Expressions] [Grid Calculator]

Radial Grids

Import of radial grids including local grid refinement(LGR) are now supported. Using I and J range filters will filter the grid case based on angle and radius (Theta and R).

Multi Segment Well Improvements

Multi Segmented Wells - MSW is updated with new features and improved visualization

  • Fixes wrong well geometry for some cases
  • Added optional visualization of valves

Well Allocation Over Time

Use Well Allocation Over Time to see the allocation over multiple restart time steps.

Depth Plot

The [Depth Plot] can be used to display values for all K-cells for one or multiple selected IJ cells.

Summary Plot Improvements

  • Make sure on/off state for ensemble statistics is stable during source stepping
  • Custom time axis tick marks [Custom Time Axis Properties]
  • Show correct group name for group vectors
  • Blank space around legend items has been reduced, makes it possible to show legends on less screen space
  • Fixed issue for import of simulations for large time span into future (after year 2262)
  • Default name for summary vector is now a descriptive text (Oil Production instead of FOPT) The settings for curve names can be controlled from [Curve Properties]

Improved RFT Plotting

  • [Pressure Depth Data] can be imported from a custom file format.
  • More flexible RFT plotting; it is now possible to combine ensemble RFT data with single RFT curves and other observed curves.

Other improvements

  • Fixed parsing of GRDECL files if a comment is added on the same line after a keyword end character ‘/’
  • Fixed freeze during import of grid model (Progress bar freezes at 28%)
  • New button next to file path to quickly copy text to clipboard
  • Added more scaling factors to 3D view, and support for custom scale value in Preferences
  • GRDECL export: Added option to export NOECHO and ECHO to generated text file
  • CTRL-E as shortcut to open [Summary Plot Editor]
  • Added slider to quickly switch between time step
  • Improved user interface for range filters
  • When clicking on a cell: Show center coordinates and corner coordinates [Result Info]

See Release Notes on GitHub for further details and information.