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What's New in 2024.03

Grid Calculations

Grid Property Calculations perform better for multiple (large) grid models


  • Polygons are now available as project objects, and a can be displayed in 3D views. A polygon can also be used to define an intersection and polygon cell filters. Polygons can be imported from a file, or created from a selection of cells in the 3D view. Polygons can be exported to file.
  • A polygon cell filter can now be configured to use a polyline to define intersected cells in addition to a closed polygon.

Performance Tools and Improvements

  • When working with multiple large grid models, it is possible to run into low memory issues. The memory consumption of ResInsight can be monitored using the new Memory Report Dialog . This will display the consumed memory for all cases in the project.

  • Avoid allocation of formations data if no formations are present
  • Added support for export of application log messages to file in addition to the Messages Window.

Other improvements

  • Wrong unit conversion for field units made Well Allocation Plot unreadable GitHub issue
  • Improved plot names and ordering of Flow Diagnostics Plots
  • Improve curve legend names for calculated curves
  • Improve MSW and short valve well visualization GitHub issue
  • Fix windows tiling issue

Python API

  • Added completion export parameters and multi segment well options GitHub issue

See Release Notes on GitHub for further details and information.